On 20/08/2016 we had a wonderful tourist outlet in the High Tatras. Beautiful sunny morning already indicated that it will again be an unforgettable tour. We went from Strbske Pleso (1347 m.n.m.) towards Mlynicka dolina. From the beginning we admire the majestic peaks of the Tatras. Initially, we were walking through the forest, but when we were soring, the trees reduced, until they replaced the scrub. We already faced the waterfall Skok, which is almost 30m high. Here we refreshed and the food truly tasted delicious. We continued to climb on smooth rocky massif, where have already appeared the first chain. On the top was platform on which has appeared a tarn over Skok with depth of up to 1.5 meters.

       During our climbing from the left and right side we were surrounded by high rock massifs. Again, we soared higher and higher up to the memorial to the victims of the tragic accident in 1979, who died in a plane crash during rescue operations. There are still ruins of misfortune. Besides the sidewalk, we spotted the fearless chamois and it’s baby. This way we aproached the Goats tarn which was 17 meters depth. After a short break we were preparing for the last, but the most difficult climb to Bystré sedlo (Bystrá bridge), where was the highest point of out tour. We felt like we were on pedestrian zone. That many tourists have visited this place. From the saddle we saw surrounding tops. The people there just looked like little sticks.       

       This way we got into Furkotská Valley. There were two more lakes, – Vysne and Nizne Wahlenberg tarn. The first named is the second highest situated mountain lake in the High Tatras. The sky began to darken but while we were walking down, the sun was still shining. Gradually, we come to the Cottage below Solisko. There is upper station of cable car and ski lifts. From there we had a beautiful view of the Štrbské Pleso ski jumps …. Some of us have decided to use the cable car to go down (Chata Solisko – Štrbské Pleso) the rest of us runned straight below them down the hill. Before the area of ski jumpers have surprised us bikers Harley Davidson, among which we have completed today’s wandering in Tatras valleys.


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High Tatras
16 km
16 hours
Lowest elevation
1326 m.n.m.
Štrbské pleso
Highest elevation
2295 m.n.m.
Bystrá Lávka
1069 m
9 km (56%)
7 km (44%)
9 people
Difficulty for this tour
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